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Merico Daniele

I am a Computational Biology PostDoc at University of Toronto, co-supervised by Profs. Gary Bader and Andrew Emili. I have undergoing collaborations with the following Bimib people: Marco Antoniotti, Gianluca Colombo, Antonella Farinaccio, Italo Zoppis.
My research interests are:

  • the analysis of comprehensive gene expression profiles (e.g. transcriptomics), by data-reduction methods (e.g. PCA, clustering), gene-set enrichment (e.g. Gene Ontology), and further pathway or network profiling;
  • the representation of biological and medical knowledge;
  • on a more abstract and general level, the study of complex biological systems under a regulatory perspective.

Contact Data

Physical Location: University Of Toronto CCBR, 160 College St, Toronto, ON, Canada

Email: daniele DOT merico AT gmail DOT com

Skype: the-amerigo

Research Activity

Past and Present Research Projects


  • Analysis of Time-course Microarray Data
Identification of co-regulation patterns among different processes.
At: UNIMIB, DISCo. With Italo Zoppis; supervised by: Marco Antoniotti.
  • Clinical Phenotype Ontology for Cerebrovascular Disorders (NEUROWEB Project)
At: UNIMIB, DISCo. With Gianluca Colombo, Flavio De Paoli, Marco Antoniotti; supervised by: Giancarlo Mauri
  • The Landscape of NF-Y Binding
Identification of the NF-Y transcription factor targets by ChIP-chip analysis, and characterization of its control activity by integrative analysis with microarray data.
At: UNIMI, DSBB. With: Michele Ceribelli, Diletta Dolfini; supervised by: Roberto Mantovani.


  • The p63 Network
Functional profiling of the p63 DN-alpha transcription factor targets.
At: UNIMI, DSBB. With Alessandra Viganò; supervised by: Roberto Mantovani.
  • MouseHeartPathwayProject
Analysis of transcriptomics, proteomics and microRNA data with a network perspective for several transgenic mouse models of heart disease.
At: UofT, Banting & Best Dept. of Medical Research. With: Ruth Isserlin; supervised by: Gary Bader, Andrew Emili.
  • The RET Transcriptional Program
Functional profiling of the transcriptional program controlled by wt and mutant RET receptors.
At: UNIMIB, DISCo. With Antonella Farinaccio; supervised by: Marco Antoniotti.
Co: IFOM / Istituto Tumori Milano.

Past and Present Affiliations


  • Università di Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) - DISCo (Dipartimento di Informatica, Sistemistica, Comunicazione) - Milano, Italy
  • Università di Milano (UNIMI) - Dipartimento di Scienze Biomolecolari e Biotecnologie (DSBB) - Milano, Italy


  • Banting & Best Dept. of Medical Research / CCBR (Center for Cellular and Biomolecular Research) - University of Toronto - Toronto, ON, Canada


Private Research Pages

  • INT/IFOM RET Analysis 

    Main Directory

  • GO Graph / Kernel

    Alpha Scan - Evaluation
    COR 2009 Supplementary


    Gene Expression & Phenotypes