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Antoniotti Marco

I primarily work on the boundary of mathematics, computer science and control theory with strong emphasis on programming languages (design, implementation and embedding), statistical analysis, formal and logical methods (practical verification, synthesis and logic). I apply such techniques and tools to various fields in the general framework of control and simulation of complex systems with differential equations (hybrid systems, discrete control, and approximate methods) and stochastic discrete event driven algorithms. In my activities I have always tackled problems both from a theoretical and from a pragmatic and applicative viewpoints, in order to build various systems capable of providing adequate solutions. For the last few years I have applied these methods to biochemical pathways and systems biology. Before that I worked on problems and examples coming from robotics, automotive and highway systems, and from hardware and software embedded systems.

Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum vitae.

Places and Activities



  • ASTIL-RetroNet Project funded by the Lombardy Region on the reconstruction and simulation of biological systems models.
  • PARADES EEIG: The place where I learned about reactive systems.

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Department of Informatics, Systems and Communications
Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca
Edificio U14, Viale Sarca 336
I-20126 Milan (MI)

email: marco [dot] antoniotti [ atsign-you-know-the-drill ] unimib.it tel.: +39 02 64 48 79 01 fax: +39 02 64 48 78 05