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Leporati Alberto

I am currently assistant professor in Computer Science at the Università di Milano-Bicocca.

My research interests are mainly in the area of Membrane Computing and in Complexity Theory. In particular, I study the computational power of several variants of membrane systems (also known as P systems), designing systems which are able to solve complete problems for some complexity classes (mainly, NP and PSPACE).
Another area of interest is Quantum Computing. Such new paradigm of computation allows to extend classical computing devices in very interesting ways; I think that the investigation of the computational power of quantum devices will allow us to better understand the computational power of classical devices as well, no matter if a practical quantum computer will ever be built or not. In particular, I am interested into the comparison of quantum circuits vs. classical circuits.

Recently, my research interest is moving towards Cryptography and Computer and Network Security.

Department of Informatics, Systems and Communications
Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca
Viale Sarca 336/14, Edificio U14
I-20126 Milan (MI), Italy

Email: alberto [dot] leporati [ atsign ] unimib.it
Tel: +39 02 64 48 78 77