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SSFW09 HowToReachUs


How to Reach Us

In this page you will find instructions to reach the hotel and conference venue from major airports and railways. The hotel is located quite centrally, at walking distance from Centrale Railway Station / MM2 (green line) Subway Station. The workshop venue is located further north. From most destinations (airports, railway stations), the hotel will be on your way to the workshop venue. For specific details, please have a look at the Google Map.

For your convenience, we have also included a map of the Milan subway system.

General Instructions

From Milano Malpensa Airport

Most of you will be landing in Milano-Malpensa International Airport. Our suggestion is to take the LeNord (FNM) express train to Milano-Cadorna railway station (located downtown); the train station is conveniently located inside the airport, close to the arrivals hall. Once you are in Milano-Cadorna station, you can either get a cab, or use the public transit to reach the hotel (subway) or conference venue (subway + bus). Specifically, to reach the hotel:

  • walk from the Cadorna Railway Station to the Cadorna Subway Station; head specifically for the MM2 (Green Line)
  • take the train heading for: Cologno/Gessate; your stop is: Centrale

The hotel is located in proximity (200m - 650ft) of Centrale Railway / Subway station.
To reach the conference venue: see From the hotel / Centrale station to the workshop venue section.

If you want to reach the city from the airport by cab, we recommend to avoid the 7-11 AM time-span because of heavy traffic.

From Other Airports or Major Railway Stations

You may also arrive at other airports or major railway stations. The other airports (Linate, Orio al Serio) are usually connected to the city by bus shuttles. Major arrival points of such shuttles services are the major railway stations Milano Porta Garibaldi Fs and Milano Centrale Fs.

  • If you arrive at Milano Centrale, the hotel is at walking distance.
  • If you arrive at Milano Garibaldi, take the green line (MM2) subway, direction Cologno/Gessate, and stop at Centrale.

From the Hotel / Centrale Station to the Workshop Venue

Walk to the Bus 87 stop, in proximity of Centrale Railway Station / Subway Station. Take bus 87, direction: Sesto Marelli M1. Your stop is: Via Sesto San Giovanni / Porto Corsini. Cross the gate, and enter the private road viale Sarca 336. The workshop venue (DISCo building) will be located on your left, at walking distance.

Social Dinner

The venue for the social dinner is at walking distance from the hotel.

Renting a car?!

We don't recommend renting a car, because of heavy traffic in the city and afferent highways. Driving and parking in Milan can be quite frustrating.

Itinerary Details

Have a look at the Google Map


Workshop Venue Address

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
Dipartimento di Informatica Sistemistica Comunicazione (DISCo)
Edificio U12
Viale Sarca 336
20126 Milano

Note: viale Sarca 336 is the address of a private street. The DISCo building is located halfay. Follow this link to see pictures of the building.

Hotel Address

Albergo Hotel Bernina
Via Napo Torriani 27
20124 Milano
Tel: 02 6698 8022

Social Dinner Venue

Osteria Del Treno
Via San Gregorio 46
20124 Milano
Tel: 02 6700479

Additional Information on the Public Transit System (ATM)

Subway System

The subway system (Metropolitana or Metro or MM) is the most efficient public transit system; it operates from 6.30 AM till 12.15 AM approximately. A regular (urban) fare will cost you 1 Euro. Automatic machines are available in all subway stations.

There are three major lines, all operated by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milano):

  • MM1, Rossa (red)
  • MM2, Verde (green)
  • MM3, Gialla (yellow)

There is also an underground railway line, and surface railway lines (both are colored in blue). You won't have to use them to move around in the city, they are mostly used by suburban commuters. Please neglect dotted lines, as these parts are under constructions (including the magenta line)

The workshop venue and hotel are connected by surface transit to subway stations. detailed instructions are in the Google Map.

Image:ATM SubwayNetwork.jpg

Surface System

All public transit, except for the railways, is operated by ATM. Streetcars and buses are available as well. For more information, visit this site or ask us.


You will find a few major sites on the Google Map. Most of the sightseeing is at walking distance from the Duomo subway station (MM1, red line + MM2, yellow line).