December 12, 2017, Tuesday


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SSFW09/Speakers et Chairs

Session Organization Page

I am using these provisional categories:

  • formal ontology
  • ontology development
    • OGMS/BFO-based: y/n
  • computing with ontologies

Cluster 1: Upper Ontologies -- chair? Nicola Guarino?

  • Nicola Guarino: Quality in DOLCE
  • Riichiro Mizoguchi: Reconciliation between BFO and DOLCE leads to YATO
    • formal ontology (qualities in DOLCE and BFO)
    • more theoretical / abstract prespective
  • William R. Hogan: Towards an Ontology for General Medical Science
    • OGMS Introduction

Cluster 2A: Ontology Development and Data Integration / 1 -- chair: Barry Smith?

  • Richard H. Scheuermann: Representing Influenza in the Ontology for General Medical Science
    • OGMS/BFO yes
  • Alan Ruttenberg: Where do these 'disease states' go?
    • OGMS/BFO integration with
    • current experience with disease annotation in microarrays / EFO / OBI
  • Leonardo Lezcano: A Model For Integrating Disease And Diagnosis Semantics In Clinical Archetypes
    • OGMS/BFO integration with

Cluster 2B: Ontology Development and Data Integration / 2

  • Sivaram Arabandi: Developing a Sleep Domain Ontology
    • OGMS/BFO yes
  • Gianluca Colombo + Daniele Merico: NEUROWEB, modeling cerebrovascular disorders
    • OGMS/BFO no
  • Paolo Bouquet: OKKAM, Enabling the web of entities
    • OGMS/BFO no
  • since Bouquet will not be attending on Friday, it will be necessary to switch him with Arabandi (or Ruttenberg)

Cluster 3:

  • Peter Krawitz: Clinical Diagnostics in Human Genetics with Semantic Similarity Search in Ontologies
    • computing with ontologies (semantic similarity on the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO))