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Which means you are looking at a way to create a Plan B income, and during your research for a valid income opportunity you discover MonaVie.

When you search on the internet you'll very quickly run into several results; "MonaVie scam" and you are glad you uncovered the actual truth. However is this a real sign that you ought to stay away from MonaVie?

Well let's dig into this a bit deeper.

MonaVie is a well-known multi-level marketing company which distributes beverage products such as blended fruit drinks. The Monarch Health Services, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, launched MonaVie juice on January of 2005 and has now spread globally. Monarch also founded MonaVie Inc., a business which manages the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the MonaVie juice products. Their products include MonaVie Original, that is a mixture of nineteen fruit drinks, and other a?ai berry items that contain antioxidants and phytonutrients.

A lot of the controversy about MonaVie as being a fraud, a gimmick or somehow less than legit, is due to the claims about it's acai berry juices. Some of the details are from the company, however it can also come from distributors that aren't marketing the products appropriately or perhaps legally. They are able to claim that go beyond what is allowed through the FDA or any other authorities.

Be Skeptical Of MonaVie Scam Reviews

If you notice from the research above, you will find issues that automatically attract criticism from people, for example becoming an MLM and selling acai berry health products.

But often the online articles in regards to a MonaVie scam are actually from current distributors themselves. Articles shouting, "Is MonaVie a Scam?" attract people who are considering joining the organization, and then their purpose would be to demonstrate that what's provided by MonaVie is really a legitimate opportunity that's shown to help you attain financial success.

Their information might be valid, but their goal would be to persuade you to join their downline.

A MonaVie distributor can produce a 50 percent commission on all wholesale products they can sell, but the distributor also earns an income in the team bonus commission if he has recruited a minimum of two members on his team and if they also sell wholesale products. Other than that, the distributor can also gain make money from bulk order bonus, retail commission bonus, and first-to-order bonus. In either case, they're interested in having yourself on their team.

Yes Or No To MonaVie Is Only The Beginning

However even after you have verified that MonaVie supplies a valuable product as well as a legitimate income opportunity, it doesn't make it the right business for you.

An mlm business is about building a network of people that have been in your company along with you, and even though this can begin with your friends and family, that isn't enough to develop a financially successful business.


Actually, whatever business you join whether it's MonaVie or otherwise, your main job for your company is marketing ie spreading the word to as numerous people as you possibly can.

Monavie is not paying advertisers, newspapers, Yellow Pages, media companies etc. Monavie is paying YOU to be their marketing division, so the key questions are:

Are the sales techniques sufficiently good to assist you to reach a large number of willing prospects?

What about your motivation and initiative, are they sufficiently best to assist you to develop a solid team beneath you?

Can you drive traffic towards your MonaVie website?

Your ability to succeed in almost any MLM depends on your responses to questions such as these.